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Off-Duty Police

 Protection Plus takes our security protection detail extremely seriously, and since our inception in 1988, we have found that one of the best ways to provide you with excellent security is to use the services of off-duty police officers who have been trained to handle the wide variety of situations presented to them on a daily basis. These officers have also shown an aptitude in working in public situations, and for that reason are able to handle almost any situation with a high level of professionalism.

There are plenty of excellent reasons for working with off-duty police officers, and many of our recurring clients even request that from us when they are contracting new security services. Our large team and years of expertise allow us to deploy the right team member for any situation, and we can take requests to use off-duty police into account as well. If you are wondering why we choose off-duty officers as prime candidates for security services today, below you will find a few reasons why they make excellent candidates for a variety of security details.
They know what to look for in unfamiliar situations
One of the primary responsibilities of a police officer is to keep the public safe in a variety of situations. While they might get to know a particular area that they serve, an important quality of a good police officer (and good security personnel) is their ability to arrive at a new area and quickly begin to locate potential threats and other unforeseen disturbances. This will allow them to more easily respond to any situation as it unfolds, or stop a disturbance from taking place before it even has the possibility of causing trouble.
They have worked with a variety of types of people
Another important quality in a great police officer is their ability to step into a situation and diffuse the problem quickly and with minimal disruption. During their time spent in uniform, this can involve working to help manage situations between a variety of different people, giving them a unique insight into how to work through differences between almost anyone that you might have at an event, gathering, or even as a visitor to your office.
If you feel that your security services will require the use of off-duty police, or if you have any questions about their capabilities, then we would be happy to talk to you about our use of off-duty police. Simply get in touch with us at the phone number above (314-244-7569) and we would be happy to help you begin to customize your security contract today.