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Indianapolis Site Security Services

Protection Plus is one of central Indiana's best suppliers of onsite security officers and off-duty police. Since the tragic events of Sept. 11, the need for having your site secured is even more at the forefront.

We can handle the threat from your former employees. As you know, failure to act and provide security in these potentially violent situations leaves you liable. Now, Protection Plus can come in to watch the doors and lots for disgruntled, angry ex-workers. We provide your employees with the safe environment they deserve. Off-duty police are perfect in this situation.

We realize each business is unique and we don't provide a "cookie-cutter" type of approach to your problem. We can provide officers in blazers, uniforms or plain clothes. These officers may be armed or unarmed, depending on your needs. We sit down, listen to your problem, and both of us work out what will work for you.

Protection Plus has many off-duty police officers on our payroll. Being off-duty police officers, quality is assured.

Depending on the circumstances, these officers can be in full uniform or plain clothes.